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Authenticate Your Watch with TP Labs

At TP Labs, we have the UAE’s largest independent watch servicing center, and are the only service center to authenticate your timepiece using two separate watch technicians.

We have all the necessary tools and brand knowledge to check your watches effectively and in the right way. We can also issue you with a certificate of authenticity once completed, giving you peace of mind that your watch is the real deal.

Since 2022, we have authenticated over 2,000 watches and counting!

Why Should You Authenticate Your Timepiece?

The watch market is flooded with fake watches which are becoming more and more convincing, so distinguishing them from the real deal can be challenging for buyers and collectors who may not be able to spot the subtle differences.

Although fakes might look the part, they lack the proper craftmanship of their genuine counterparts as they utilise cheaper materials, which leads to depreciation, lower value, and ultimately breakage.

State-of-the-art Equipment

We use specialized equipment to ensure precision, accuracy, and reliability. Our center is equipped with high-resolution microscopes to properly inspect watches and see the details that you can’t. We also display our watch authentication services on a screen in our showroom, so if you are waiting for your watch, you can have full visibility of the authentication process.

TP Labs Authentication Process

What makes us different is we are the only independent watch servicing center in Dubai to verify the authenticity of your watch using two separate technicians. If you’re interested to find out more, we have outlined a brief step-by-step process of authentication below:

  • STEP 1) We receive your watch at our in-house servicing center and hand over to our first technician.
  • STEP 2) The technician will check your watch’s functions as per its specifications. This includes water resistance according to the brand’s standards.
  • STEP 3) If your watch was handed in with the original papers, card, or certificate, we will compare the details on the papers with the watch to ensure it matches and is consistent.
  • STEP 4) Using an inspection sheet, we note the details and conditions of the watch, from case conditions, to dial and hands. This includes a luminous check.
  • STEP 5) We then check the hallmarks, model numbers and serial number fonts and stamping.
  • STEP 6) We open the caseback and check the movement to not only authenticate but to make sure the calibre is accurate as per watch model number and production period.
  • STEP 7) We close the caseback and test the water resistance again.
  • STEP 8) We then hand the watch over to our 2nd technician to confirm the findings.
  • STEP 9) Once happy with the result, we will inform you about your watch’s authenticity and provide an official letter to confirm the authenticity.

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